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Professional Development Courses

Glass Rock offers a true partnership in professional training and development.

Our experienced consultants will work closely with you and your stakeholders to build PD training programs that address the real need of you and your team. We take the time to find out what you need and bring our unique experience to guide and support the learning process.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape which is largely influenced by the unparalleled fast evolution of technology, being technically competent is simply not suffice to stay relevant.

To be relevant technical teams are expected to discuss technical solutions aligned with business outcomes and with the customer experience always in clear focus.

For managers and leaders of teams, the people management / people leadership skills is more business critical than ever, having to manage teams in many formats including virtual teams, on site teams and on site teams within an activity based working environment; where working through the complexities of the environment takes precision in leadership/ management strategies utilised to deliver results while leading with care.

Glass Rock offers an extensive range of practical skills- based learning programs ranging from Leadership Skills, Customer Service, Vendor Management Skills, Communication Skills, Change Management, Negotiation Skills, New Managers Training, Mentoring and Coaching Skills, Presentation Skills, Handling Difficult Customers and many more.

All our professional development courses are customised fully to align to your learning strategy, business outcomes, audience and industry in every instance.

Explore a selection of popular professional development training programmes we can deliver for your teams.

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