Train the Trainer Training

Confident team leader giving flip chart presentation at corporate meeting

Duration 2-3 day(s)


This program is designed for those interested in becoming trainers within organisations or for those who are preparing to be involved in training as trainers in addition to their primary role within the organisations.

This program will ensure that the participants are able to deliver engaging and compelling workshops by the end of the training. Being practical and immersive, this is a high impact, high intensity workshop designed for workplaces that need their trainers to hit the ground running.

The workshop incorporates practical tools and strategies to tailor the structure, content and delivery of training in the most persuasive manner for any audience, environment and presentation objective. Using a combination of proven methodologies, this customised program enables participants to achieve exceptional performance as a trainer while maximising individual presenter strengths and personality.

This course teaches training skills such as public speaking skills, how to deliver effective and engaging presentations, how to structure training sessions for optimal learning, how to develop and administer assessment tools, and understanding the various personality types and their learning styles.

This is an interactive course and participants will have the opportunity to deliver multiple ‘live’ training sessions and receive feedback from the group as well as from the certified trainer facilitating the training.

This course will be tailored by Glass Rock Solutions to your organisation’s needs.

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who will be involved in designing and/or delivering training in the workplace as part of their primary or secondary focus. Participants will gain the confidence and clarity to run an engaging and compelling workshop or training, irrespective of the content in focus.


Participants of this workshop will complete an assessment to understand their personal learning style.

They will be assessed multiple times as a ‘trainer’ by their peers and by the certified trainer delivering this workshop. Participants are able to bring a video camera to the live workshops to record their own delivery for further personal review post the workshop.

Learning Outcomes

Prepare for the workshop

  • Understand the framework for preparation to design or deliver a workshop.
  • Understand the evaluation process of a workshop.
  • Design and facilitate the evaluation process post the workshop.


Exude presence and authority

  • Establish credibility, trust and authority as a trainer.
  • Understand that training is a process where skill, knowledge and attitude are applied.
  • Common training myths addressed.
  • Use your body language as a powerful and interactive tool.
  • Control the space and environment to facilitate the audience’s journey by creating the learning state.


Demonstrate control and confidence

  • Master your emotional state change to power your presentation.
  • Overcome nervousness, anxiety and any distracting mannerisms.
  • Take the stage with confidence rather than fear.
  • Designing the delivery of the workshop.
  • Four-step approach to plan, design and deliver a workshop.
  • Framework to achieving workshop objectives within the agreed timeframe.
  • Visual memory strategy.


Engage your audience with purpose, power and influence

Your non-verbal communication equals 93% of the audience’s perception of you. No more distracting body language.

  • Understand your personal learning style.
  • Adjust to the needs of the audience and personality types and cater to all learning styles not just the smallest portion of our population (like most trainers).
  • Matching knowledge bytes to the audience.
  • Create an atmosphere through movement by using your body language, eye contact and gestures purposely for results.
  • Use posture, presence and body movement to reinforce your message.


Influence your audience through language

  • Change your listener’s world through storytelling, using metaphors and anecdotes.
  • Use sensory based language and 20 different language techniques to engage your audience every time.
  • Maintain interest and keep your audience fully captivated at all times as you bypass conscious resistance.
  • Enhance articulation, pace and fluency.


Working with groups

  • Using satire to work with the group.
  • Facilitation skills.
  • Use silence like a pro.
  • Coaching skills for the trainer.
  • Insight into group processes.
  • Working through common problems encountered in groups.
  • Solving group process problems.
  • Understanding feedback models.
  • Applying feedback models.
  • Handling questions.

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    “The training gave me the skills to understand situations and to acknowledge that there are no such things as difficult people.”

    Shannon, NE Water



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