Glass Rock Training Courses

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Woman discussing in front of her colleagues

Active Listening Training

Team leader and business owner leading informal in-house business meeting

Advanced Facilitation Skills

Group of office workers in a boardroom presentation

Adventure Learning Simulation Workshop

Businesswoman giving presentation to diverse partners in meeting room

AgilePM® Foundation

Rear view of a man wearing a eye glasses


Rear view of a man wearing a eye glasses

AgileSHIFT® Project Manager Practitioner

Corporate business team and manager in a meeting

Assertiveness Skills

Leader explain graph strategy at team meeting

Body Language Training

Colleagues having fun together at company meeting

Bridging the Generational Gap Training

Business partners gathered together for negotiating

Building a Synergistic Team – Profiling Pathway

rew of creative designers discussing ideas and sharing opinions

Building Creativity and Problem Solving

Business meeting in modern conference room

Building Resilience

Group of architects working at office

Building Trust for Better Working Relationships

Woman leading the training with colleagues

Business Ethics Training

Conference Training Planning

Business Etiquette Training

Businesspeople hands holding pens and papers near table

Business Writing Training