Here at Glass Rock Solutions, we are proud to say that we have partnered with some of the leading organisations in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Our learning solutions have been featured in companies such as Landcom, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Cisco Systems, UNSW, UTS, Coles, Westfield, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, NAB, Brookfield Multiplex, Boral, Lend Lease, Government, Westfield, David Jones, Charles Darwin University, Trend Micro, Westcon Group and IBM to name a few.

Greg Sawyer, CAUDIT

"Preetie Shehkkar is the consummate professional as an executive coach, mentor, key note speaker and in the delivery of professional development. Having worked with Preetie for over 10 years in both her role as executive coach and professional development she has the unique ability to engage with the audience, ensuring powerful delivery backed by a breath of skills, knowledge and experience. Working with IT teams who had become jaded with cookie cutter professional development, Preetie energised the team, delivered content that was relevant and most importantly was acted on by the teams. It was a clear difference in performance, motivation and engagement following the training and allowed a platform of development of soft skills that made a real difference to the business. As mentor and coach, Preetie understands the challenges and personalities involved and works to make you are a better person, not just in a work context but overall to ensure you are the best you can be. Preetie provides content expertise, emotional intelligence, an easy ability to connect, honesty in her dealings and an ego free environment to build for the now and the future. If you want to develop yourself or your teams, then look no further than Preetie."

Mike Chatt, Coles

"I was sceptical of the benefits of executive coaching based on past experiences until I met Pre. She tailored every session of our coaching to the current situation or need and knew when to press and when to listen. Pre was instrumental in helping me develop the behaviours I needed to move to the next level and excel in a tough environment. I thoroughly recommend engaging Pre on her executive coaching programme."

Curtis, Boral

"Just wanted to thank you again for an interesting day yesterday. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I assumed it would be the usual dry and dusty approach of legal jargon, documentation and dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's. Instead, it was something different and more aligned with what vendor management can be (and covering areas Boral ICT is seriously challenged with at the moment)."

Eric, Qantas

"It was so rewarding to have made the effort to allow ourselves to commit to a day off our busy schedules to reflect on concepts that are so critical to how we improve the way we operate on an everyday basis."

Stuart, UNSW

"This is the first Glass Rock training I have attended and I love the design and style of how the content is presented and the groups are facilitated. I love that there was no PowerPoint. Awesome session!"

Suhaimi, Singapore Board of Tourism

"While the course was to focus on customer facing engagements, our instructor adapted the program to also address our needs by addressing strategies for communication challenges within our organisation."

Nina, Thomson Reuters

"Thought provoking content that challenges you to think more broadly about options available to leaders leading through change."

Alexis, AICD

"The three days have literally transformed the group. Confidence in facilitation skills has improved more than I thought was possible."

Kathleen, Boral

"Preetie's expertise and exceptional facilitation skills ensured each attendee walked away with improved abilities in negotiation and vendor management."

Jitz, Coffey

"This was no small seminar. I was impressed and very much encouraged to follow throughout the day and through to outcomes in the room and into the future."

Melroy, NAB

"Great course, very practical strategies and take-aways. Instructor was very knowledgeable, able to provide spot-on examples."

Nicola, RACQ

"This course was delivered by Preetie, who has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent facilitator. I would recommend this course to all vendor managers in the IT space."

Lauren, Fox Symes

"Best training I maybe ever had. There was almost too much to take on, but I will deal with it one at a time. All the tools were useful."

Sandra, Singapore Board of Tourism

"Very amazed as to how the trainer managed to cover so much ground within one morning. Liked how the trainer was so flexible. Very inspiring and I’m inspired to be a better communicator."

Stephanie, Fox Symes

"Information delivered was extremely helpful and can be implemented not only in the workplace but also at home. A great trainer with amazing energy and a broad range of knowledge."

Natalie, Westfield

"Very happy with the content that was covered in the training. Preetie identified each of the areas we had concerns with and helped show us ways of overcoming them."

Julie, NLA

"Great course! So many great strategies and light bulb moments. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and making the course fun, inspiring and practical for everyone."

Graham, Trend Micro

"Very engaging, practical and memorable workshop. Related the training to our roles and took the time to understand requests."


"Preetie and the Glass Rock team provided a wonderfully engaging session. The passion Preetie shows in her sessions is infectious and inspiring to those present."

Maria, Qantas

"Provided clarity on cultural differences and provided insights into how we can optimise our interactions."

Raul, Boral

"It's a fantastic course for those who want to be trainers or want to add training to their skill set or current role!"

David, AICD

"Incredible delivery and considered, yet hitting, learning outcomes. Preetie took us on a journey we didn’t even realise we were on!"

Sidhartha, TCS

"This is an excellent collaborative session to work more as a team and achieve business objectives together."

Charlene, Amadeus

"Preetie is a very passionate trainer and most knowledgeable about the subject she was training us in."

Stephanie, Thomson Reuters

"Preetie shares experiences and motivates while providing practical strategies and offering invaluable advice. Thank you."

Kenneth, Singapore Board of Tourism

"Very real life practical tips learnt. Also, cuts through all the theory. Very useful tips for everyday use."

Anonymous, DTZ

"I feel motivated and I have gained an exceptional toolset, which will help me lead exceptionally positively."

Karen, AICD

"Thank you Preetie and Matt for a thoroughly enjoyable three days together. I was engaged 100% of the time and loved seeing my colleagues grow in confidence. Friends have been made."

Kevin, Thomson Reuters

"Preetie has made the techniques of time management so clear and practically available for yourself that it will definitely improve your quality of life not just work; it is awesome!"

Michael, UTS

"Instructor's enthusiasm was infectious and appreciate her time and energy to present the information."

Mohan, Qantas

"This kind of training would help organisations achieve their business goals as well as having them work as one team."

Arun, TCS

"Normally, the training for the whole day will become boring after lunch, but that is not the case in this session. Very informative."

Santwana, Fox Symes

"Fantastic course. Came away feeling empowered, understanding customer service in greater depth and how intrinsic it is in every facet of life."

Sharon, CBA

"Fabulous, encouraging, challenging and honest. I am so pleased to have spent two days learning/sharing with you. Thank you."

Josan, Thomson Reuters

"The training instructor brings out your stagnant personality for you to know how innovative you are and the opportunity that is present in front of you."

Shannon, NE Water

"The training gave me the skills to understand situations and to acknowledge that there are no such things as difficult people."

Jay, Thomson Reuters

"Every time I have trained with Preetie, I have learnt something new which has helped me do my job better."

Sharon, Singapore Board of Tourism

"Insightful and thought provoking session. Using everyday examples in experiences to bring to life difficult concepts was most useful."

Agnes, Thomson Reuters

"Preetie is an amazing trainer, provides a lot of knowledge and presents it in a fun way. Appreciate it!"

Alex, Thomson Reuters

"I recommend this session to those who want to learn more about themselves. It was a great opportunity to look at myself and equip myself to be more creative and innovative."

Rocco, Australian Institute of Company Directors

This program has been the most valuable experience/opportunity of my life and will forever change my skillset and belief in myself and my abilities.

Russell, David Jones

"Marcus’s knowledge on ITIL and his ability to put in simple stories allowed me to easily grasp the content."

Shaun, AGL

The energy, enthusiasm and brilliance of Preetie and Sophie from Glass Rock is infectious and is helping us ignite change.

Jay, Seven

Trainer was thorough and always provided real life examples for audience to understand. I have a learnt a lot that I can take back to my role and life.

Gabrielle, Caltex

I really enjoyed the training. It's provided me with the tools to assist in influencing and communicating with different stakeholders.

Andrew, Experteq

I have been trying the techniques I am learning in Glass Rock trainings at work and have found my meetings to be more effective and interesting.

Tuhina, Australian Institute of Company Directors

I walked into this training with my eyes closed and no expectations. And yet this training and Preetie have brought so much value and perspective into my life. I’m very grateful.

Radhika, TCS

Had a lot to learn from Preetie. Her insight on the way situations are handled is really fascinating and positive. She is very inspiring.

Gourav, Qantas

"A session which helped me to align my skills to my clients' requirements."

Peter, UNSW

"Preetie is always entertaining and engaging, able to motivate even the most cynical crowd."

Amrish, HP

"This training was highly engaging and allowed a lot of self-reflection on our current situation."

Paul, Brennan IT

"What was expected to be heavy and dry material became interesting and easily absorbed."

Greg, Thomson Reuters

"Well-structured program with practical hints and techniques to help people through change."

Jackie, Henkel

"Wonderful couple of days. Learnt a lot that will stay with me throughout my career."

Young, NAB

"Please keep up your great work and the interesting, inspiring and exciting sessions."

Mark, David Jones

"The course provided a good framework to a very complex subject."

Jason, DTZ

"Fantastic presenter, very relevant information. Developed new skills."

Sesh, TCS

"Great training and the first step to having a high performing team."

Nick, David Jones

"I obtained many valuable insights, some into areas that I had not even considered before."

Josan, Thomson Reuters

"It is good to understand management analysis reporting through a very different perspective."

Brenton, CBA

"Time flew by. Pace was great. Slightly confronting; however, exactly what I needed."

Brad, NE Water

"A new take on addressing and understanding difficult customer scenarios."

Julia, NLA

"A wonderful presenter! Tackled a difficult topic in a very supportive atmosphere."

Morgan, Department of Defence

"Soft skills are the hardest; loved the energy and delivery. Great program, thanks."

Jessica, Coffey

"Inspirational; will be going home and will be coming back to work more motivated."

Trend Micro

"Thought provoking. Great presenter, good time management and answered questions effectively."

Jason, AICD

"For the first time, I felt confident enough to present in front of a room, with minimal preparation."

Biagio, CBA

"This training helped me to step up to the next level as a manager."

Brigid, Fox Symes

"Absolutely amazing! More than I could have ever hoped for. Life changing!"

Nick, Fox Symes

"Without doubt, one of the most effective and well presented courses I have ever attended."

Dinesh, TCS

"Good understanding of the needs of the audience and great training to uplift their performance level."

Paul, Bank of China

Preetie has made the day full of fun, knowledgeable and useful, improving my skills in just a few hours.

Gabrielle, AICD

"The session empowered me with some great tools to apply to my work/personal life."

Janina, UNSW

"The best training so far - integrating theory, mind, body and soul."

Sharon, Charles Darwin University

"The trainer was excellent, real examples, high energy course."

Donna, DTZ

"Probably the best course I have participated in here."

Kayla, Thomson Reuters

"Awesome training! Made me think outside the box."

Bruce, UNSW

"The training was on point. All my objectives were met."

Caitlin, NLA

"Loved it! Have rarely spent a day at training so engaged."

Bernie, UNSW

"Glass Rock trainings have changed my life."

Hayden, Trend Micro

"Excellent content, engaging and purposeful."

Daniel, PWC

"Loved our vendor management training with Preetie."

Antje, Cisco

"Anyone who mentors another must attend this course."

Mini, TCS

"A very informative session that has stimulated my mind."

Riq, Boral

"Matt and Preetie are most energetic and engaging presenters."

Paul, UTS

"One of the more interesting courses I’ve attended."

Arvin, USNW

"The training has me thinking differently about customer care."

Tania, Boral

"Glass Rock know what they are talking about."

Niall, UNSW

"Outstanding training course content and delivery."

Ronnel, Coffey

"The entire training was great; I will surely recommend this to anyone."

Steve, UNSW

"Felt very engaged and a little out of my comfort zone."

Gayan – Qantas

Preetie was wonderful in getting normally very ‘quiet’ personnel to express.

Anonymous, DTZ

"The trainer is very knowledgeable and brings the best out of people."

Nathan, Thomson Reuters

"Inspiring training, delivered by professional trainers."

John, Coffey

"The trainer was excellent and covered a lot more than just time management."

Carrie, Bank of China

Very hands on training, knowledge and skills I’ve learnt can be used directly and immediately.

Matt O, Caltex

Was very enlightening and supplied the tools to effectively lead and reach outcomes.

Raymond, Caltex

Very interesting with very practical advice and information that I can apply in my job.

Oliver, McDonald's

"Extremely engaging, even when subject matter is not riveting."

Daniel, Amadeus

"A 'must' course for any IT employee."

Pascal, UTS

"Overall, another great course!"

Paul, CBA

"Challenging and yet positive."

Johaan, UNSW

"Amazing content and delivery."

Mike, Fox Symes

"Big O for awesome."

Tionesh, Cisco Systems

"Very proactive training."

David, Fox Symes

"Simply exceptional!"



Simone Heaperman - Landcom Program Manager

When Simone Heaperman, the program manager, picked up the phone to speak with Preetie Shehkkar at Glass Rock Solutions, she had much to address and set right.


Jane Hodgen - Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services, a global technology leader with 450,000 employees worldwide, expect the best from anyone who works for them.


Stuart Freer - University of New South Wales

When Stuart Freer came to Australia, he was recruited as the Director, IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure, at the University of New South Wales.


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