Jane Hodgen

Tata Consultancy Services
Global Head of Learning and Development

When only the best will do

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global technology leader with 450,000 employees worldwide, and they expect the best from anyone who works for them.

TCS’s Global Network Delivery Model is recognised as the benchmark of excellence in software development.

So, in terms of benchmarks and expectations for TCS’s employees, yes, they are the highest of the highs.

Imagine, then, how much higher those expectations are for an external consultant coming in to the organisation. Basically, only the best will do.

Enter, Glass Rock Solutions.

GRC A Standout Consultancy

A standout consultancy

When Jane Hodgen realised TCS needed help with training, she knew she needed to contact Preetie Shehkkar at Glass Rock Solutions.

“I met Preetie when I was working in Australia. One of the things I noticed straight away about her is how personable she is. And how very good she is at bringing things out of people.”

It’s these vital abilities – to help people innovate and draw the best out of them – that make Preetie stand out from other consultants.

“We’re an IT organisation with lots of engineers and IT professionals,” says Jane.

“They have great technical skills, but management skills aren’t a core focus. And as people grow through the ranks, it’s really important that they build those management skills.”

With Preetie’s expertise in business processes, technology, communication and professional development, she was able to tailor consulting across the organisation, from executives to management and project teams, time and again.

GRC Understanding Cultural Landscapes

Understanding cultural landscapes

Tata Consulting Services employs 5000 people in Australia.

With the organisation being headed up in India, there is a fair amount of complexity in the way it works.

“Our head office is in India, so there are lots of people working both in India and Australia.

Preetie really understands the cultural landscape of our organisation, and she’s able to tailor the right training to match what people need.”

That’s really the key for working with such a huge organisation and where Glass Rock Solutions is able to make the difference.

Glass Rock’s trainers are themselves leaders in technical and professional development training.

And it’s their ability to utilise fluid training methods that suit not only diverse learning styles and subjects, but diverse organisations like TCS.

GRC Unique Tailored Training

Unique, tailored training

It’s no simple feat to be able to tailor training for specific organisations and different sections within that organisation. It’s an enormous challenge – one that will mark the success or failure of a consultant, because each organisation and department is unique and requires its own set of solutions.

That’s where Glass Rock has really made a difference to an organisation like TCS, and why they’ve been able to run so many successful workshops and training sessions across the business.

“I do a lot of cross-cultural training at TCS, because we want to work with our customers to help build one team culture,” Jane says, “so that we are very clear on our working approach and style across the team.

Preetie and her team were not only able to meet our organisation’s objectives, time and again, but they were able to tailor each workshop and training session for each specific group.”

GRC Experts At Working With Customers

Experts at working with customers

As well as working in partnership with Tata Consulting Services, Preetie also worked closely with TCS’s customers in a series of workshops.

“Preetie’s workshops have a very fluid style, but she also takes into account our individual styles using DiSC profiling; she looks at the impact of cross-cultural styles, and she understands the combined team culture the team would like to have for our customers.”

In other words, Preetie is able to outline the individual, cultural and national scope. And she successfully continued to roll out programs for TCS.

“After that series of workshops, Preetie helped us with speaking and presentation skills and influencing customers. She worked with very small groups of around eight managers, helping them develop high-level skills to be more proficient in their roles.”

GRC Building True Partnerships

Building true partnerships

It’s high praise when someone in Jane’s position tells you she’d like to have you on board full-time!

But that’s precisely what she says about Preetie Shehkkar, because Jane has seen how Preetie builds true partnerships that last, when she works with a client.

“I tend to think of Preetie as part of us. She understands our business, our management… I would love to have her full-time!”

The other aspects of Preetie’s professionalism that really make her stand out for Jane are her knowledge and experience.

“Preetie is incredibly knowledgeable. She has worked across so many different organisations and roles. But more importantly, she is constantly refreshing her own knowledge and skills. That comes across with her training and workshops.”


“Probably the best course I have participated in DTZ.”

Donna, DTZ



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Jane Hodgen - Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services, a global technology leader with 450,000 employees worldwide, expect the best from anyone who works for them.


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