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At Glass Rock Solutions, we are change and transformation specialists.

We help corporates and government agencies implement financial systems, processes and business change by completing a detailed assessment while considering every layer of the business to develop a strategic yet robust change strategy that ensures on-time adoption.

Effective communication is critical to efficient change management.

Our approach is second to none in the diligence executed; the result of this approach is best practice change strategies and communication that are on point and highly responsive to the changing landscape, speaking to each level within the organisation to specifically address what matters to them, delivered in the format that is exactly aligned for the various stakeholder groups (internal and external).

The approach is highly responsive to producing on-point, on-time, adoption-focused communication.

We manage all stakeholder liaison, and we deliver exceptional communication development, speech writing for executive leaders, media releases and internal announcements that transform apprehension into anticipation, change resistance to change adoption.

We take a holistic approach to delivering integrated communication and change management for organisational, business and digital transformation projects for a wide range of technologies, including Cloud Digital Services, Oracle, SAP, CRM, Office 365, SOA and application and operation system upgrades.

“Glass Rock’s trainers are themselves leaders in technical and professional development training. It’s their ability to utilise fluid training methods that suit not only diverse learning styles and subjects, but diverse organisations like TCS.” Jane Hodgen – Global Head of Learning and Development, Tata Consulting Services

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Change & communication strategy

Glass Rock Solutions is a leader among professional and digital transformation consulting companies. We specialise in change management and we devise and deliver clear and effective change and communication strategies for clients across the corporate and government sectors.

Our whole-of-organisation approach allows us to see the entire picture and to communicate efficiently and effectively to any level, whether that is your senior leadership team, individual team members, clients or end-users.

All of our solutions are tailored to your project deliverables, budget and time constraints.

Our team is comprised of industry experts in communication and change management processes. We understand how to pull change levers for adoption-focused outcomes.

“Glass Rock training transformed the team to such an extent that they were able to then move all 17 of their applications and over 53,000 student records within two weeks.” Stuart Freer – Chief Technology Officer

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Change leadership, digital and financial transformation

At Glass Rock, we have decades of collective experience helping companies implement leadership, digital and financial change. Change, by nature, has impacts on any organisation, but how you handle it determines whether those impacts will drive the change forward or hold it back. Our approach ensures that change is received positively, sending ripples of action through an organisation.

When we design a change management strategy, we consider the impact across every layer of the business, every team, every organisational process. By taking this holistic approach, we are able to ensure a smooth and successful delivery with no stone left unturned.

With expertise across the entire spectrum of change management, from communications consulting to training and digital transformation, we always deliver complete and comprehensive change management solutions tailored to your requirements and organisational environment.

“Preetie and the team are experts at tailoring a process based on not just the outcome the business has outlined, but also in line with the approach the manager wants to take. Glass Rock Solutions work at every level, and design the process for every level, to deliver a successful outcome.” Ellie Trajkovska – Head of Continuous Improvement, University of Sydney

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Change management governance

Significant change requires significant leadership. At Glass Rock, the maturity of our consultants and their diverse experience and knowledge means they bring a deep understanding of how system changes and platform changes impact processes and therefore inherently impact roles and responsibilities.

With an understanding of industrial law, along with our expertise in change management, we bring best practice change management governance frameworks to inform, guide and drive change management strategy.

The framework also facilitates capturing the right data and information to support ongoing benchmarking of the effectiveness of the change and communication strategies being implemented.

While the change management governance framework can inform the entire process end-to-end, it can be equally activated at any stage of a project. The framework can also help to correct the course of projects to deliver the desired change outcomes.

While we work with the project sponsor, steering committee and project manager to drive key decisions which directly impact the adoption of the program, we are equally able to engage with any other required stakeholder group to drive the adoption of change.

Where change resources exist, we guide ground level engagement to drive adoption.

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Communications design and delivery

At Glass Rock, we know that effective communication is at the core of every change project. Our change management solutions are as effective as they are because we integrate clear and considered communication strategies that are focused on increasing adoption.

For every project, we appoint a dedicated communication management specialist to guide the communications for your program.

That specialist will advise and lead your communication strategies across internal as well as external stakeholders including vendors, customers and media.

Our communication and business specialists can provide speech writing for executives and management, prepare media releases and oversee internal communications across various channels. Communication is one of the most effective tools for leading and engaging everyone successfully through the change cycle, and at Glass Rock we manage the entire communications suite intricately to enable successful change adoption every time.

Outstanding solutions for success

Glass Rock Solutions takes a big picture view of every project. With experts in business, technology, human resources, communications, psychology, neuroscience and neurolinguistics, we have the best people for your change strategy. When we take hold of a change project, we guarantee we will deliver adoption-focused solutions to your requirements and empower your staff to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Please get in touch for a comprehensive change and communication strategy for your project.


“Probably the best course I have participated in DTZ.”

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Simone Heaperman - Landcom Program Manager

When Simone Heaperman, the program manager, picked up the phone to speak with Preetie Shehkkar at Glass Rock Solutions, she had much to address and set right.


Jane Hodgen - Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services, a global technology leader with 450,000 employees worldwide, expect the best from anyone who works for them.


Stuart Freer - University of New South Wales

When Stuart Freer came to Australia, he was recruited as the Director, IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure, at the University of New South Wales.


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