Time Management Training Course

Custom (1-2 days)

Where and how individuals within teams utilise their time directly impacts effectiveness and efficiencies
within the organisation. The costs of poor time management impacts not only the organisations well-being but also the employees personal wellbeing as it potentially intensifies their experience of stress. It is a domino effect resulting in sick leave, stress leave and poor morale.

Today’s organisations are evolving faster than ever and individuals are consistently being expected to
deliver more with less, delivering timely, quality outcomes.

This program delivers time management strategies that will impact the participants well-being in both
the workplace and home as a result of consistently managing their workload effectively and achieving
more success in less time or better than what they previously thought was possible

Target Audience

This program is designed for individuals in an organisation to impact their day to day productivity and
well-being at work

It was such a valuable time to look at myself and change my approach in the future. Such a passionate trainer.
Thomson Reuters