Vendor Management

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Duration 1 – 3 day(s)


A large number of organisations in-source and outsource key functions. The ultimate success is based on the quality of service provided and on the ability to continually improve vendor performance.

With a large number of organisations in-sourcing and outsourcing key functions, many professionals find themselves becoming managers of outsourced activities. Even training in project management (traditionally part of an IT professional’s toolkit) is only partly useful for this role.

For many professionals, this is an opportunity to learn and exercise new managerial and liaison skills to impact a broader delivery base than they otherwise might have as an individual contributor. For others it is at best a disappointment. For many it is a nightmare; as they continue to be held accountable for the deliverables and project deadlines but no longer have direct access to the people who did the work. However, expecting the vendor to be accountable translates to the internal professional managing not people but agreements, contracts, budgets and engaging in on-going negotiations with no end in sight. With the very thought of negotiating sounding intimidating to many, vendor management becomes a complex landscape to navigate.

Negotiations involve people and many find the experience confronting and challenging and as a result avoid it. However, the process is less challenging when one understands the structure of a good negotiation. Negotiation skill is critical as vendor management is an ongoing dialogue of negotiations, with good negotiations culminating in results and poor negotiations resulting in delays in delivery and results not being achieved.

In this immersive workshop, participants will understand:

  • how to engage in an on-going dialogue of negotiation to establish more successful commercial relationships with vendors who provide the products and services required to successfully deliver an organisation’s programs and projects
  • the end-to-end process of sourcing, selecting and managing vendors in programs and projects.


Target Audience

This Glass Rock workshop is designed for program managers, vendor managers, project managers, managers and team leaders involved in managing vendors/suppliers/contractors. This training can be customised for your group of attendees.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, participants will: 

  • Establish a context for vendor management within procurement
  • Establish an understanding of the procurement life cycle
  • Understand the foundations of the ongoing dialogue – the negotiation
  • Understand the difference between needs and wants
  • Understand the ‘satisfaction triangle’
  • Understand their own behaviour when negotiating
  • Understand the various outcomes of a negotiation
  • Understand the difference between aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Understand the approaches to negotiation
  • Identify different personalities
  • Explore types of commercial relationships
  • Understand the difference between manipulation and influence
  • Identify procurement requirements in projects
  • Understand victimhood and taking responsibility
  • Learn strategies to deal with difficult behaviours
  • Be able to respond to resistance from others
  • Focus on conflict
  • Handle difficult emotions in others
  • Understand the preparation stage of a negotiation
  • Learn how to evaluate, select and monitor suppliers
  • Understand the basics of a contract
  • Know, within the context of managing the ongoing contract:
    • how to open a negotiation
    • how to map a negotiation
    • the negotiation interaction
    • how to design options to facilitate agreement on the outcome
    • how to close a negotiation
  • Understand final acceptance and administrative closure.

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