Values Alignment - Preparing the Environment for Leadership, Management, Sales and Project Teams

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Duration 1 – 2 day(s)


Values alignment is the difference between flow and working really hard to NOT achieve the desired results.

While organisational values are recognised as a foundational element of high performing teams, aligning the leadership team’s values is often missed in the business and the price paid is three-fold, including in results, increased stress and loss in productivity.

Not aligning the team’s values is like driving a powerful boat in perfect weather conditions with a heavy anchor dropped. It makes no sense, but that is almost often the reality. A lot of fuel and effort expended to go a very small distance, a lot of the leadership team’s time and energy spent keeping their teams marginally focused while the results continue to not align to the expected results.

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Benefits of Having the Leadership Team Aligned to the Organisation’s Values are:

  • Increased speed in quality decision making
  • Greater resource visibility
  • Less wasted resources
  • Improved self-governance
  • Better employee engagement
  • Optimised talents and skills
  • Considered risk taking
  • Increased leadership and respect as an individual leader and as a collective leadership team
  • Increased clarity in the customer base
  • A dynamic culture.

This workshop is highly recommended for all leadership teams at least once a year, but especially when there has been a change within the team OR a change in the leadership of the leadership team OR if the organisation has gone through change or transformation.

The workshop is designed to be dynamic, immersive, fun and fast paced to enable an aligned leadership team to move forward with ease in leading the organisation to the next level.

Target Audience

This workshop will be customised specifically for your team by Glass Rock Solutions, including for management, leadership, sales and project teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your own neurology and the role values have played in your life thus far.
  • Understand the various values levels to enable the team to identify and profile in day to day interactions with their teams, stakeholders and customers.
  • Understand the evolution of values in society and organisations and how they are an invisible driver in elevating leadership initiatives or sabotaging leadership initiatives.
  • Team values elicitation: understand how to elicit values from another to enable meaningful connection in business and achieving together.
  • Begin to align conversations to values levels to enable results and aligned collaboration.
  • Ensuring positively aligned values as oppose to conflicting values.
  • Overview of team values alignment status.

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