Visioning Workshop

1 day (customisable)

Creativity, innovation and leadership are critical elements to Visioning. This fast-paced, practical, immersive 1 day program is designed to facilitate the understanding of differences in thought structures within the team that are critical to creativity, leadership and innovation.

When harnessed correctly, conflict is a crucial ingredient for creativity, innovation or leadership. Learn how constructive conflict fuels creativity and innovation.

Explore your own right brain and left brain thinking to understand how you typically create, innovate or lead, how you make decisions, what excites you in your people engagements, and what will frustrate you when you collaborate with the team to create or innovate.

Through this process of self-discovery you will understand your strengths and how elements of your style can either enhance or stunt the very creativity you seek from your team.

Target Audience

This course is designed for all executives who’s core role is to work within a team to create, innovate or lead in varying capacities to achieve common goals/ outcomes.

A great presenter, actively demostrating the teaching in their delivery style