Stress Management Courses

Custom (1-2 days)


  1. Stress can be positive and negative and influences which dictates the quality of lives lived
  2. One’s ability to manage personal stress directly impacts one’s ability to sustain their success at home and work
  3. Poor health, poor decision making, premature aging are all direct results of a stress not managed or poorly managed

In this tailored, immersive stress management workshop, participants will understand what stress is, recognise key emotions that are common triggers of stress and will walk away with strategies specific to them to enable them to actively create an emotional and physical state that is not ‘stress’; allowing them to power on and achieve more than ever at work and home.

Target Audience

This Stress Management course is designed for leaders and teams alike to enable a better understanding of what is stress and how to work through it effectively to achieve more at work and home while having fun and feeling empowered and enabled in mind and body resulting in a greater sense of well being

Really valuable time I had here. I got to know more about myself and where I get stress...and how to manage it!
Thomson Reuters