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Collaborative Thinking and Working



  1. Lack of collaboration skills, see’s competitiveness flourish at the cost of collaboration
  2. Lack of collaboration stifles innovation
  3. An organisations growth and success is dependent on greater innovation; the leader’s and teams ability to collaborate will dictate how successfully they are able to work across the obvious and less obvious organisational boundaries

In this tailored workshop, participants will understand the importance of building and nurturing both internal and external networks as a key leadership asset. The program is immersive, exploratory and outcomes focused with participants becoming aware of each of their networks and how they can begin the process of proactively nurturing it by engaging in active, smart collaboration.

Participants will feel more confident in their ability to collaborate with others effectively to achieve more as a team. The workshop will transform the way teams work together as they each build their personal influence through collaboration.

Training Aims

You will leave this course with new skills including:
 Understand ‘you’ within the context of your ability to collaborate
 Recognise your unconscious and reactive habits when you collaborate
 Understand what ‘collaboration’ is and is not
 You will recognise the 4 fundamental types of people you interact with to understand ‘the
communication’ that would cause a disconnect in thinking and working together
 Understanding the stages of conflict to be able to work through and diffuse conflict proactively
to further enable collaboration
 Recognising the positions of influence to move situations from chaos to collaboration
 Manage and lead one’s own or group emotions
 Saying considered ‘No’s’ to enable more quality ‘Yes’s’ when collaborating
 Being responsive in communications as oppose to reactive

Target Audience

This course is designed for leaders/ managers and teams who work with others to deliver on outcomes
and results for the business.