Adventure Learning Simulations


Our simulations transport participants to real-life adventures while sparking meaningful business conversations. Glass Rock partners with world-class adventurers to bring this solution to you.

Our facilitators continually link insights and lessons from the adventure to real life business situations. Powerful learning opportunities are created that can be immediately applied to improve performance.

The solution is designed to be high impact, customised and a compelling visual experience with exclusive adventure themes and strong team development focus.

The learning simulation is designed to transport individuals and teams into into some of the most extreme environments on the planet. Environments full of risk, change and challenge. Through this learning simulations, the team will make choices and face the consequences as they strive to climb the highest peak, navigate the African landscape, or harness the power of the ocean.

The simulated environment that will be created will use the metaphor of the simulation selected to facilitate reflective discussions around how your organisation can respond to a market that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Specifically, what skills are needed to adapt to this market situation and how do we make decisions in a constantly changing environment?

Target Audience

This program can be customised for a range of audiences, specifically Executive Leadership Teams with their Direct Reports, Specific Change/ Transformation Teams, at the Country Level and can be scaled all the way to a global organisational event for up to 3000 people, facilitated in one location for the team of 3000 or across the globe where the solution can be experienced simultaneously across different countries all facilitated simultaneously by our team of world class facilitators.