Myers Briggs Typology Indicator

  • The MBTI® instrument does not evaluate mental health; there are no bad or unhealthy results.
  • The MBTI instrument sorts individuals into opposite categories, both of which are desirable. Many instruments measure the amount or degree of a trait, such as shyness or detail-orientation. Usually, it is desirable to have more or less of a trait, whereas with the MBTI instrument both categories are desirable.
  • The MBTI instrument does not compare your results to those of other people; it does not evaluate you by comparing you to any normal or pathological standard.
  • The MBTI instrument describes the interaction between all preferences also called type dynamic to create a whole type pattern rather than just adding up the qualities of each separate preference.
  • The MBTI instrument allows you to determine your own personality type through a personal verification process, leaving the final assessment of your type in your hands.