Coaching and Mentoring

A Tailored Coaching Experience

Glass Rock’s coaching-mentoring program is highly customised for each of our clients.  An intensive, highly transformational program focused on delivering results.  

With a three-way focus- organisational, management and the individual, the program is most dynamic.   

The individual will engage in a holistic fast paced transformational program where they will work with their principle coach-mentor as well as other specialists and functional mentors to ensure that the individual is fully supported to consistently achieve, evolve and move to their next level.    

Coaching Sessions run up to 2 hours depending on the focus of the session.  Sessions are facilitated face to face or via phone or video conferencing facility depending on the client’s location and/ or personal preference. 

Performance Excellence

Coaching-Mentoring Services is a thorough holistic offering focused on performance excellence.


Each session is designed so that it facilitates the outcomes that the individual and management seek.

How Does it Work?

Each coaching session is held with one of Glass Rock Consulting’ professionally accredited coach-mentor’s. Sessions are facilitated face to face, via video conference (e.g. Skype) or the phone, depending on your location and your preferences.

Packaged for Convenience

Coaching-Mentoring Sessions from Glass Rock Consulting are packaged to deliver result / outcome focused services effectively and efficiently.