Personal Leadership During Organisational Change

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Duration 1-2 days


This course offers personal resilience training to support people to cope and positively contribute to their teams and the change initiative during organisational change.

Research shows that when organisations undergo major change – through major transformations or restructuring, introducing new approaches, systems or tools or when there’s the threat or reality of redundancies – everyone is affected, even those not involved personally.

Individuals within teams find themselves riding the emotional roller coaster from feeling relieved to feeling angry or betrayed or sad or even feeling excited about a new beginning.

This is perfectly natural, but it can be destabilising and exhausting, at times triggering bouts of anxiety, as people respond in their own individual ways to the intensity of change of this magnitude.

This tailored immersive workshop aims to help individuals to develop more resilience to cope with major change, providing them with strategies to:

  • Lead their change experience positively
  • Understand the value of the change to their role and to their team
  • Manage attrition
  • Be able to articulate their own value to another, to successfully influence towards desired outcomes
  • Avoid burn-out
  • Sustain positivity.


Target Audience

This course, delivered by Glass Rock Solutions, is designed for anyone in team leadership, management and leadership roles, where they are working through major organisational change. The program is designed to enable and empower the audience practically and holistically to effectively lead in an emotionally charged environment with little or no leverage to incentivise the team. It empowers the individual to see the current situation within the context of their career plan, enabling them in mind and body, resulting in the achievement of organisational outcomes as well as a greater sense of wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your role within the current and future state of the organisation.
  • Understand the emotional experience that you are running as a reaction to the external change being experienced.
  • Learn to use your emotions as your internal radar of personal alignment or misalignment.
  • Understand the correlation between your emotion and personal leadership.
  • Sustain positivity as a leader when you feel ‘not so positive’.
  • Understand your motivational drivers now and how they add to or negate the value you bring to an organisation/team.
  • Manage attrition and retaining talent during times of major organisational change.
  • Understand your leverage during major organisational change.
  • Learn to manage your personal state, take responsibility and deliver results through your leadership.
  • Quickly read your team members’ motivational drivers and accordingly lead, manage and support them to deliver individually and as a team during times when there is little to leverage to incentivise the team.
  • Understand ‘anxiety’ experienced during major organisational change by being able to apply strategies to manage anxiety.
  • Understand and apply strategies to energise yourself to maintain composure and clarity, to maintain focus and avoid burn-out.
  • Understand how to communicate your value internally or externally and how to tap into the leverage that lies within your reach.
  • Understand the importance and the ripple effects of starting and ending each chapter on a high.

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