Performance Management Training

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Duration: 1 – 2 day(s)

According to research released by Gallup, the number one reason why a candidate leaves an organisation is – their manager.

A leader’s ability to understand in detail an individual’s success measure and linking that success back to the organisational goals becomes the key to not only the individual’s high performance within the organisation but also retention.

Communication is the heart of leadership, and the manager’s ability to retain talent and deliver results directly hinges on their ability to facilitate and manage performance.

This very factor becomes the distinction between a mediocre manager and a manager demonstrating excellence. Performance facilitation is a powerful skill which not only boosts performance but also builds a following of team members through one’s career.

In this immersive workshop, delivered by Glass Rock Solutions, managers will learn that performance facilitation and management are not an event; they are a process; a process which can unlock innovation, drive results and directly impact retention. The program will provide practical frameworks that will facilitate behavioural flexibility, techniques that will enable a deep understanding of personality traits and a framework to facilitate and lead powerful, consistent one-on-one conversations.

Throughout the program, participants will also build a personal action plan of specific actions that will enable them to empower, motivate and lead teams more effectively through performance facilitation and management.

Target Audience

This course is designed for new and experienced managers looking to improve team performance through effective, consistent employee engagement. This program can be customised by Glass Rock Solutions for your team.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training workshop participants will:

  • Understand what performance management is
  • Understand personality trait and associated behaviours
  • Understand individuals’ core needs within the context of situations that impact performance
  • Gain a better understanding of the impact that their leadership language has on their team members in the context of their performance
  • Understand leadership responsibility
  • Be able to define a team member’s success measures while aligning it to team/organisational goals
  • Learn a framework for conducting an effective one-on-one performance facilitation/management conversations
  • Gain an understanding of the motivations of performance and barriers to performance
  • Learn three performance coaching frameworks to effectively empower, motivate and lead a team member’s performance
  • Learn framework for managing poor performance
  • Learn a framework to challenge, motivate and lead high performers
  • Understand the negative ripple effect of not addressing flight risks within the team
  • Recognise the signs of stress and flight risks through a performance facilitation conversation
  • Be able to address stress and flight risks through a performance facilitation conversation
  • Critique and revise the facilitation of a performance improvement conversation and a performance recognition, ‘good to great’ conversation.

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    “The training gave me the skills to understand situations and to acknowledge that there are no such things as difficult people.”

    Shannon, NE Water



    Simone Heaperman - Landcom Program Manager

    When Simone Heaperman, the program manager, picked up the phone to speak with Preetie Shehkkar at Glass Rock Solutions, she had much to address and set right.


    Jane Hodgen - Tata Consultancy Services

    Tata Consultancy Services, a global technology leader with 450,000 employees worldwide, expect the best from anyone who works for them.


    Stuart Freer - University of New South Wales

    When Stuart Freer came to Australia, he was recruited as the Director, IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure, at the University of New South Wales.


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