Negotiation Skills Training

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Duration: 1-2 days


Negotiating is a part of everyday life, but in business it is fundamental to success. Poor negotiation can cripple a company just as quickly as losing key customers.

In the workplace, negotiation skills are not only required when dealing with customers and employees in particular circumstances, good negotiation skills can actually have the effect of building stronger relationships and better communications, delivering solutions that avoid conflict.

Confident negotiators are able to maintain composure while persevering with integrity and demonstrating commitment towards a successful negotiation outcome.

For those involved in sales, negotiation is not an option but is rather everyday life.

While each sale is an ongoing web of negotiations leading to the winning of an opportunity. The sales path does not however end there but rather continues, forever leading to another opportunity where further value can be added.

In this course, participants will learn:

  • the structure of a good negotiation
  • how to understand their customer’s language during a negotiation
  • the customers buying strategies.


This course, delivered by Glass Rock Solutions, will provide you with the framework to understand the requirements and skills that are important to become a confident negotiator in complex environments where competing agendas, culture, sub-cultures and power dynamics are well and truly at play.

Target Audience

This program is highly beneficial for individuals working in a team based environment, or sales, pre-sales, project management, roles involving negotiations with stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand a multi-party negotiation model.
  • Learn the foundations of negotiating.
  • Understand the difference between needs vs. wants.
  • Understand the ‘satisfaction triangle’.
  • Understand your own behaviour when negotiating to learn the breadth of your negotiation style.
  • Learn to prepare for the various outcomes of a negotiation.
  • Understand the difference between aggressive and assertive behaviour, how they are used in negotiations and their impact on the negotiation.
  • Understand the approaches to negotiation.
  • Understand the different personalities you might encounter in different negotiations.
  • Understand the difference between manipulation and influence to save yourself a lot of pain during negotiations.
  • Understand how to transform the power game into a discovery circle.
  • Understand the cost of victimhood versus taking responsibility during a negotiation.
  • Learn strategies to deal with difficult behaviours.
  • Understand how to respond to resistance from others.
  • Understand how to resolve conflict during a negotiation.
  • Understand how to facilitate difficult emotions in others.
  • Understand the requirements for the preparation stage of a negotiation.
  • Learn how to open a negotiation.
  • Learn how to map a negotiation.
  • Manage, lead and facilitate the negotiation interaction.
  • Learn how to design options to facilitate agreement on the outcome.
  • Learn how to close a negotiation.

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    “Fabulous, encouraging, challenging and honest. I am so please to have spent two days learning/ sharing with you. Thank you.”

    Sharon, CBA



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