Minute Taking and Report Writing Training

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Duration Half a day – 1 day


This training course, delivered by Glass Rock Solutions, teaches participants why accurate minute-taking is a critical skill, and one which businesses increasingly rely on for record keeping and accountability against deliverables and measurable business outcomes. Meetings can be fast paced and where many key decisions are arrived at, and it can cost your organisation heavily if the happenings are not captured and accurately reported on.

To make sure decisions and progress status from meetings are properly recorded and reported, your minutes must reflect important aspects of the meetings to provide sufficient context that is of value to various stakeholders who are not necessarily attendees of the meeting, that the minutes insight action and even foster engagement between the attendees post meeting.

This course will cover all aspects of minute taking and report taking from capturing the outcome of the meeting, to the structure of the writing itself, to understanding your audience and how to complete your final minutes or report.

This training is highly immersive in order to support knowledge retention. It is relevant for those in project team members or general team members who are engaged in meetings and are responsible for the output of the meeting including communications such as circulating the minutes of the meeting or reporting on the meeting.

Target Audience

This Glass Rock course is designed for anyone whose role entails capturing minutes or notes in meetings. This training can be customised by Glass Rock for your team.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of minute taking and report writing
  • Learn the various roles within the structure of any meeting, the benefits to the meeting when the roles are defined and what to expect when the roles are not defined
  • Learn to listen actively to enable them to clarify the important content from the cloud of discussion
  • Learn to be discerning in what to include, what not to include and why
  • Write minutes for various meeting formats including formal and informal, steering committee meetings or board meetings
  • Understand how to get attention with the titles or subject heading of their minutes/report
  • Learn to use persuasion techniques and language in how they write their minutes
  • Write to appeal to the logical mind of their audience
  • Align their writing style to suit their audience’s information processing style rather than relying on their default writing style
  • Present their final minute/report creatively to keep their audience interested in finishing reading the document
  • Maintain records of all their minutes and reports
  • Write succinctly with the focus on communicating actions and next steps simply and clearly
  • Write effective synopsis of their report where needed to present key points and actions.

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