Messaging on PowerPoint for Results

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Duration: 1 – 2 day(s)


Writing is a key method of communication in business and is a skill that many people struggle with.

While writing and communication skills have degraded with more and more people communicating through email and text messaging, the skill to write and message specifically to drive an audience towards an outcome is even more scarce, yet a skill that is critical in business.

Developing writing skills in the business world becomes relevant in not only day to day business communication but also when creating high value documents (such as proposals, reports and agendas), giving you that extra edge in the workplace.

This ‘Messaging on PowerPoint for Results’ workshop will enable participants to design and construct persuasive, engaging sales documents presented on PowerPoint. The design will consider the different modalities of how people process information as well as design frameworks that drive outcomes. The construct of the messaging will consider the language of the four types of customers and will focus on messaging in a concise, accurate and politically considered tone to deliver within the business environment.

This immersive workshop will be delivered over two half days. There will be tasks to complete between the two sessions to optimise integration of the capability.

(Note: This workshop does not currently address PowerPoint system skills and presentation delivery skills; it is instead focused on designing and developing persuasive outcome focused documentation on PowerPoint.

However, Glass Rock is able to deliver Power Point Systems Training, which can be experienced as a stand-alone training or elements can be included in the customisation of this training workshop.)

Target Audience

Glass Rock’s ‘Messaging on PowerPoint for Results’ is for anyone within the organisation whose role is to ready the documentation for the sales team or account managers to present to customers. Glass Rock will further customise this training for your attendees.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training participants will:

  • Identify and plan documents to deliver on organisational requirements
  • Understand the modalities in which information is received and processed
  • Understand how to present information in alignment with four types of customers in accordance with profiling
  • Determine their audience from an influencing and decision-making perspective
  • Identify the organisation’s preferred document style or layout
  • Understand the design framework that will drive outcomes and the guideline for formatting and layout
  • Define the purpose/outcome/result of the written communication
  • Determine format, structure and key points to be covered in the document
  • Determine the information for inclusion in the document
  • Write to influence
  • Write in an active voice
  • Adopt a positive tone
  • Write in a manner that enables the reader to understand and retain the key messages and actions within the document
  • Develop and check a draft document for readability, grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph construction
  • Consider any organisational procedures and protocols
  • Master technique for improved proofreading skills.

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