Emerging Leaders Program for New Team Leaders and New Managers – with Whole Brain® Thinking

Successful coach businessman presenting new project to employee

Duration: 1 – 2 day(s)


This program, presented by Glass Rock Solutions, is recommended for new team leaders, or for new managers commencing or about to commence their leadership journey.

This program begins with the new manager exploring their managerial mindset, their leadership mindset and the emotional intelligence required to navigate this terrain.

The new manager will be introduced to tangible pillars to strive towards, which will see them increase their self-leadership, including having difficult conversations, understanding motivational drivers for different generations and navigating conflict. The program will then deep dive into strategies that will improve their overall leadership skills and ability to adapt to different leadership situations.

This program will include HBDI® & WHOLE BRAIN® THINKING (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) report and complete in-class briefing. These critical insights can transform a business.

In this immersive workshop, participants will:

  • Gain an insight into how strong, tailored leadership abilities can have a significant impact on their workplace and them personally
  • Fine-tune their leadership qualities to allow them to understand their true potential as an emerging leader
  • Learn to use the clues that reveal their thinking style, as well as the thinking style of their team and their leadership team
  • Identify the benefits of the expectations they have of their team, how these appeal to each quadrant and what they need to adjust to enable their expectations to be heard and followed
  • Use Whole Brain® Thinking to plan and present information to their team and their leadership team in a more effective way, better manage conflicts and facilitate resolutions.


Target Audience

This workshop is designed for:

  • People managers with direct reports
  • People managers with dotted line reports
  • High performers who are being groomed for management
  • Managers who want to sharpen their current people management skills.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Understand the difference between management mindset and leadership mindset
  • Explore the quality of effective leadership and understand what they currently embody and where the growth lies for them
  • Know the difference between EQ and IQ and understand the EQ framework
  • Be able to identify, describe and understand the value of the different thinking preferences
  • Use a variety of clues to detect another’s thinking preferences
  • Understand and describe their team members’ (different) thinking preferences when each of them makes decisions, experiences stress, responds to conflict, and their resolution preferences
  • Identify their areas of challenge in leading and responding to each team member, given their thinking style
  • Identify the tough conversations they would normally avoid and what strategies they will now utilise to have those tough conversations
  • Understand different leadership approaches more aligned to the different generations
  • Anticipate what kind of information and communication their leadership team will require from them to enable better teamwork, collaboration or getting their buy-in
  • Identify their team members’ frustrations and draft a strategy to resolve or relieve this frustration; also identify the support they will need.

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    “Fabulous, encouraging, challenging and honest. I am so please to have spent two days learning/ sharing with you. Thank you.”

    Sharon, CBA



    Simone Heaperman - Landcom Program Manager

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    Jane Hodgen - Tata Consultancy Services

    Tata Consultancy Services, a global technology leader with 450,000 employees worldwide, expect the best from anyone who works for them.


    Stuart Freer - University of New South Wales

    When Stuart Freer came to Australia, he was recruited as the Director, IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure, at the University of New South Wales.


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