Bridging the Generational Gap Training

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Duration Half a day – 1 day


Most workplaces include people who have significant age gaps, typically known as ‘Baby Boomers’, ‘Gen-Xers’ and ‘Millennials’.

The difference between the social and career attitudes of these three generations is significant. Baby Boomers, for example, have had to adapt to technology much later in life, while Millennials have been raised alongside the expansion of the internet.

A generation gap is not simply defined by age. It is also defined as the difference of opinions, skills, values, attitudes and beliefs between one generation and another. This phrase is almost always used to refer to the differences between young people and those who are notably older than them, such as their parents or grandparents.

Employees who are raised in different generations often have formative experiences that are so dramatically different from one another’s that they may have trouble understanding other points of view. This can lead to communication issues in the workplace. There are also often assumptions about ‘stereotypes’ associated with each generation that can lead to conflict. It can also lead to ‘ageism’, which is a form of discrimination.

This workshop, delivered by Glass Rock Solutions, helps participants to understand the importance of age diversity in the workplace and the value it brings to the team, in leadership and in innovation. The workshop will enable the team to generate complementary ideas and collaborate on projects to completion.

Target Audience

This training, delivered by Glass Rock Solutions, is designed for any team with a diverse demographic of 20 years to 70 years+, within the organisation. Glass Rock can customise this training for your team.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program participants will:

  • Understand the generation gap
  • Understand generational preferences, including:
    • Each generation’s approach to authority and hierarchy
    • Interaction with managers
    • Comfort level with technologies
    • Biases and assumptions each carries
    • Aspirations
    • Communication preferences
  • Identify and leverage the generational strengths
  • Respect generational and individual identities, as opposed to stereotypes
  • Work with generational differences to generate complementary ideas
  • Learn what it will take to collaborate successfully on projects to completion
  • Relate to customers of other generations with ease as they adapt
  • Discover the common motivators of the team, irrespective of the generational difference
  • Learn how to bridge the gap and build a high performing multi-generational team together.

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    “The three days have literally transformed the group. Confidence in facilitation skills has improved more than I thought was possible.”

    Alexis, AICD



    Simone Heaperman - Landcom Program Manager

    When Simone Heaperman, the program manager, picked up the phone to speak with Preetie Shehkkar at Glass Rock Solutions, she had much to address and set right.


    Jane Hodgen - Tata Consultancy Services

    Tata Consultancy Services, a global technology leader with 450,000 employees worldwide, expect the best from anyone who works for them.


    Stuart Freer - University of New South Wales

    When Stuart Freer came to Australia, he was recruited as the Director, IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure, at the University of New South Wales.


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