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Did you know that around 93% of our communication is non-verbal?

Did you know that body language is interpreted by your unconscious mind?

While about 7% of our communication is verbal, body language makes up 55%, and tone of voice accounts for 38%. It stands to reason then, that learning how to interpret body language is like having a super power – it helps us to understand the unspoken signals in communication, which then helps us to better comprehend what someone means, along with what they are actually saying.

Another interesting fact about body language is that it is interpreted by the unconscious mind. This means that we absorb the information and process it, without generally being conscious of it. However, once we learn the hidden meaning of these subtle cues, we are able to trust them and to be guided by what we instinctively pick up when we are in conversation with another person.

The implications of this can be far reaching. We can determine whether someone is being truly genuine, whether they can be trusted, whether they wholly believe what they are saying, what emotions they are feeling as they are communicating, and more!

Far from being a course that simply helps us to understand other people better, this course will also help you to understand yourself – and the more subtle ways you communicate. Those in sales roles, people leadership roles, project management, change management and customer service roles will all benefit from this knowledge.

Knowing how to translate important non-verbal cues results in an overall improvement in daily interactions – not just with work colleagues, but friends and family too.

Duration 1 day workshop

Target Audience

This program, delivered by Glass Rock Solutions, is designed for sales and customer facing teams and people managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the breadth of non-verbal communication that becomes defined as ‘body language’.
  • Understand the four types of people, their associated body language and what it is telling you.
  • Map postures to emotions (obvious and non-obvious).
  • Observe and interpret eye patterns.
  • Observe and learn to read micro expressions.
  • Interpret micro expressions.
  • Learn power poses and what they look like when they’re effectively and ineffectively utilised.
  • Observe and interpret hand-shakes and other common ways of greeting each other in business settings.
  • Observe and interpret the range of smiles.
  • Understand cultural nuances and how they are reflected in body language.

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